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The Current Situation

Sadly, millions of people stuff themselves with junk food, whilst others, starve to death due to food scarcity. It’s an ironic realization, to see how weak people are unable to keep weight off. We’re too spoiled, one could rightly argue.

But then, you think how hard you’d been trying to lose weight; strenuous exercising, weird, unorthodox dieting, detoxification cleansings, a friend’s trick that supposedly works etc. Only to once more, disappointingly realize that absolutely nothing works. Everyone just seems to know how to be fit, energetic and toned, but strangely, that never applies to you.

You’ve got every right to be overwhelmed, disenchanted and fat. Oh no, wait. Is that really an excuse? Is binging on food the solution, when your dream is to be slim and toned?

The sooner you realize you’d been doing all the wrong things, the sooner you’ll become the ideal you; fit, healthy, skinny. And happy.

What Fat Burning Furnace Is NOT

When just another weight loss diet falls from the sky, people are naturally doubtful. Why trust just another marketing wizard? He is more likely to rip you off, without any obvious results.

But then… Fat Burning Furnace enters the picture, changing all we ever knew about weight loss and fitness. It’s a groundbreaking and oddly enough, an effective diet program that works miracles with your metabolic rate, helping you shed those nagging pounds.

Of course you don’t even want to give it a try. Too much disappointment and lack of confidence, deter you from adapting the one weight loss program that works. However, is your disenchantment with weight loss programs, worth continuing being chubby?

Why carry on being someone you are not, disallowing yourself to become the best, slimmer, more self-assured version of you?

The good news is that Fat Burning Furnace works because it free of all those methods that supposedly help you lose weight. As the creator of Fat Burning Furnace claims, doing the exact opposite of what nutritionists and physicians have been advising you, is what will make you slim again.

Fat Burning Furnace then, is not about:

  • Exhausting diets and forbidden foods
  • Uninspiring workout regimes,
  • Drugs, pills or any other magic weight-loss potion

What is it then?

This pioneering book by Rob Poulos, focuses on these three key facets of a happy, fit individual.

  • Skinny through a diet program and techniques that surprisingly work!
  • Toned by creating lean muscle without all the hard work.
  • Calorie Burning Machine by playing havoc with your Resting Metabolic Rate.

I hear you condescendingly murmur” Oh, I’ve heard it all before!” No you haven’t.

Let your body take care of itself!

No meaningless, ineffective jibber jabber is included in this book. Only tried, tested, effective techniques and unanticipated tips for how to get that metabolism work like crazy.

With detailed, straightforward guidance, Fat Burning Furnace gives you all the right information in how to gain back your fat-robbed confidence and assertively claim back the person you should be.

Fat Burning Furnace shows you how to trick your body into a state of constant calorie-burning. In plain English, this means your body will be a scorching furnace, sweating off unnecessary calories, (without you doing much about it)!

Conventionally your RMR burns up to 65% of your day’s energy, but Fat Burning Furnace tells you how to make this percentage rapidly increase. Allowing you thus, to painlessly shed pounds and ugly, wiggly fat.

Why linger in a body that isn’t representative of your status, aspirations and dreams? Read Fat Burning Furnace and change all that.Give yourself what you deserve. A toned, slim body to match that sharp mind of yours. No excuses are valid!




Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle


Why diets never seem to work


Virtually everyone you know is either on a diet, or is about to embark on one. This probably happens for as long as you remember. A disgruntled friend keeps recycling weight loss resolutions every now and then, only to resume their unhealthy lifestyle a month later. Too close to home right?

Whether that ‘friend’ is an actual friend, or just you hiding behind a third persona to absolve yourself from accountability, one thing’s certain. You don’t need another weight loss pill, or fat-burning cream. What you need is objective, scientific knowledge on how to be healthy and fit again after reading Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle.

A matter of perspective

The sooner you realize fit people are such because of their lifestyle attitude, the sooner you will (for once) go to the beach smugly confident! You’d love that, wouldn’t you?

What if I told you the tables CAN be turned. That you could, for a change, have that envy-inducing body and invincible self-righteousness?

Myths, lies and fallacies

These days, every TV persona has become an expert on weight loss. It’s only logical that you feel bewildered by the often contradictory methods of weight loss. Who’s to trust really? No one.

Unless of course, that person is Tom Venuto.

Get ready for effective, factual weight loss advice. Just think about it for a second; if all those expert advises and methods worked, why are you here reading this? Apparently you’d been fooled. And probably, more than once.

Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle!

With this simple, declarative statement Venuto encourages you to set out for permanent weight loss. It’s alright if you are distrustful and skeptical; you’ve tried it all before, why should this one work? Well, let me just answer that!

Putting a stop to ungrounded, deceptive methods, Venuto shares the secret that transformed him into a Body Building champion overnight (well not really overnight, but fast, nonetheless!).

For anyone who’ve actually read his book (myself included), it’s nothing short of a revelation. For starters, he uses the term FAT loss, instead of Weight Loss. You see, what weighs your droopy bottoms down is not indescribable weight, is fat; wobbly, ugly fat!

Get the book and read his enlightening advice on how to stop coveting fat-free bodies and get yourself one!

The book has nothing but useful, applicable knowledge in it. Once you read it, you will be able to set feasible, weight loss goals. Plus, you will actually possess the know-how and instruments to do so.

It’s not an overstatement to declare Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle your key to happiness. Because being the “you” you dreamt of is now an eligible, realistic desire!

Priceless wisdom

The book focuses on these weight loss aspects:

Exercising: How to wake up your fat-burning system just by knowing what suits your metabolism.

Nutrition: Food is your friend and not your foe. The word diet is actually banned from use.

Psychology: Shows how to get the right attitude to achieve your goals.

Once you have the knowledge, weight loss is just a lifestyle choice away. Burn the Fat gives you that knowledge. It explains among other things, how to define your:

Body Type (endomorph, anyone?) and know the implications for each one, calculate your

Metabolic Rate, and lastly know how to exercise and what to eat, to

Lose Fat and Feet your Muscles! (tells you how to burn fat and not muscle).

For how long will you be hiding behind unflattering, drab clothes, pretending you’re ok with how you look? It’s your life; your happiness, take control of it now. Everyone else has.

Time for a revitalized, slimmer you. Get up and Burn The Fat, Feed the Muscle!

burn the fat feed the muscle

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Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle Review

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle Review

Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle