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                • 月薪10000-12000
                • 经验五年以上
                • 学历大专
                • 类型全职
                • 岗位分类采购
                • 行业钟表行业


                Job Responsibility

                Objective : Ensure components are delivered in time.

                Vendor Panel Capacity Analysis

                - Measure the capacity required for each of my vendor based on order forecast and pending POs.

                - Evaluate and master the actual production capacity of my vendor.

                - Detect any variance between capacity requested Vs actual and react accordingly:

                o Advance POs to reduce pick of production,

                o Find available capacity among other vendor,

                o …

                Vendors sourcing and proposal

                - Based on Vendor capacity analysis, search for free capacity when required.

                - Provide capacity analysis to R/D team at each project kick off in order to select the appropriate vendor.

                PO management

                - Control (verify qty, price, delivery date, address, …) and transfer the POs to each vendor.

                - Collect vendor delivery date within 3 days after POs transmitted.

                - Update the ERP system with the delivery date and confirm the delivery appointment for IQC and Warehouse to anticipate their activity :

                o By default delivery appointment = last delivery date

                o create partial shipment manually if occurs.

                - Based on vendor past performance, set up a control plan (phone call, visit on plant) to ensure the POs to be delivered on time :

                o Control if raw material is arrived on time at vendor site,

                o Control the workforce is coherent with capacity required,

                o Control the mass production is launch timely at vendor site,

                o Control the daily capacity match the objective

                o ….

                Guarantee reliability and accuracy of the information

                - Treat anomalies (POs w/o Supplier confirmed date, with delivery date < today, partial delivery …) on a daily basis and correct it within 1 day.

                - Update any POs delivery change as soon as get the information :

                o Based on anomalies detected during my POs control plan among the vendor,

                o Based on quality issue detected,

                - Treat in priority the PO list provided by PMC team :

                o Set up reinforced control plan to ensure delivery on time,

                o Set up actions to make those POs delivered in advance.

                - Alert PMC and manager in case a PO is postponed.


                - Collect data from Puchaser and provide reporting to Manager

                - Offer support to purchaser team in performing their task (validation of expenses, coordination for vendor visit, …)

                Rules of engagement of the vendors regarding the delivery date

                The delivery date given by a vendor is a contractual obligation, a vendor cannot change a delivery date w/o justification confirmed and accepted by the purchaser. It has to remain EXCEPTIONNAL.

                In case of partial shipment, Purchaser have to update manually the delivery appointment.


                Vendor capacity follow up file – automatic extraction from Supplier menu

                POs follow up file – automatic extraction from CPT PO menu

                Reporting file – automatic extraction and sum up









                行业: 钟表行业


                电 话:0755-26996120






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