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Eat Stop Eat
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How fasting is the only way to become dashing!

A nearly 100 pages ebook about intermittent eating and effective weight training, Eat Stop Eat is the latest creation by Brad Pilon.


Eat Stop Eat doesn’t boast to be a miracle book. But through grounded advice and strategies it shows how through a well-planned lifestyle change you can achieve any weight loss goal you might set your mind to.



Downloadable, which means less effort to access and can start benefitting from it instantly.

Affordable, considering the physical and emotional benefits one will get after reading and applying the principles of Eat Stop Eat, its price is more than justified.

Clearly Written, a language anyone can understand and a style you can identify with.He keeps his reader engaged and entertained.

Expertise. Eat stop Eat has been written by a renowned expert nutritionist, Brad Pilon, so you know this book is not some general fluff easily accessible online. It’s a book laden with useful information and practical strategies for weight loss.

Wellresearched: Pilon’s claims are well-researched and scientifically grounded. His authority is hard to overlook. The ebook contains no less than 46 references backing up his claims why fasting is good for your health. Hard to contradict that!

The Main Argument

For Pilon, the food industry has us fooled into believing we actually need to be constantly fed (think of all those diets asking you to eat every three hours!). He debunks the myth of how eating regularly keeps our metabolism going, and tells you instead how this is a trap that makes most diets fail: consuming more than needed, pounding up unnecessary calories, for the sake of keeping our metabolism working.

He argues how our bodies are not really programmed to constantly have to deal with food processing. And that fasting, is a needed and natural process our bodies need to go through weekly. Brad Pilon in fact argues that it is way more important when you eat rather than what you’re eating. Time is more vital than quantity is, in other words.

What the Pilon reveals

Actually the book is premised on the idea that by fasting for 24 hours once, or twice a week you allow great things to happen to your body and metabolism:

Weight Loss: Intermittent fasting means that during the 24 hours of fasting you cut down on a considerable amount of calories. This percentage can be as high as 25% of your weekly intake.

Fat burning: Contrary to popular belief when the body is put into a fasting state, fat burning mechanisms are actually energized rather than inactivated. Pilon explains in great detail how fat burning hormones and functions are waken up by fasting.

Energy Boost: Another surprising twist Pilon shares is that unlike mainstream diet advice that starving causes drowsiness and tiredness, Pilon sustains that intermittent, 24h fasting actually boosts your energy levels.

Muscle Building and Maintenance: Apart from the weight loss benefits, Pilon’s fasting diet programs, shows you how fasting can actually promote the building of lean muscle and prevent its loss (as it’s the case with regular dieting programs).


Here’s the list of health benefits Pilon explains in detail in his book, these are actually sub-chapters you’ll find in the book:

  • Decreasing of Insulin Levels and an Increase of Insulin Sensitivity
  • Enhanced Fat Burning
  • Increased Glucagon Levels
  • Increased Epinephrine and Norepinephrine levels
  • Increased Growth Hormone Levels
  • Increased Weight Loss and Fat Loss

eat stop eat

Although not offering a miracle solution for weight loss, Pilon’s book is a new, fresh perspective on weight loss that seems to have valid and well-grounded arguments. Who’s up for fasting?

Eat Stop Eat at only $9.99 !!!

Eat Stop Eat

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