Fat Loss 4 Idiots

If there’s a single diet program suited to the individual with little time in his hands and no intention of spending a fortune on ineffective diet programs, that must be Fat Loss 4 Idiots.

What Fat Loss 4 Idiots is not

Fat Loss 4 Idiots is neither a low-calorie diet, nor a no-carbs one. It is an advanced, well-researched diet program that promises that you can lose up to 9lbs per week. Yes, that’s a weekly average weight loss, this program claims to be able to achieve. It might be fast, but it’s only so because it is based on a principle that just proves to be effective!

What’s all the hype about Fat Loss 4 Idiots?

So many people already swear by its astounding effectiveness. This is a weight loss diet program that is based on a straightforward argument:

Fat loss is only possible when you eat the right food, the right amount of calories, at the right time of day. These three parameters are, according to this revolutionary diet program, the keys to effective and permanent weight loss.

This program stresses the importance of feeding patterns as an essential part of fat loss. More precisely, it argues that when certain foods are eaten at particular times of the day and not others, this makes their absorption and burning much easier.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots urges dieters to stop using ineffective weight loss diets that starve them to death and exhaust them. Instead, the program promotes a healthy, regular diet program that is hearty and only contains the right foods consumed at particular intervals during the day.

The main principle of Fat Loss 4 Idiots: The Calorie Shifting THeory

The premise upon which Fat Loss 4 Idiots is based is the constant changing of calorie intake on a daily basis. This means two things:

First changing the source of calories consumed (i.e protein, carbohydrates and fat) and, second, varying the sum of calories per day.

These two-tiered variation of calories ensures that your metabolism gets the proper boost to metabolize fat more effectively and eventually lead to weight loss.

According to Fat Loss 4 Idiots: “human body takes several days to “sense” any change in calories — so if you shift your calories …. your body gets “confused” and begins burning extra fat tissue”. Is really simple as that.

What Fat Loss 4 Idiots includes

Basically Fat Loss 4 Idiots once purchased offers three things:

  • A foolproof daily diet generator for a two-week period.
  • A downloadable ebook called Beyond Calories, yours with a small extra fee, and lastly,
  • The Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet Handbook

The diet generator

In this online diet plan generator, the user is given food choices to pick from in order for the database to generate a suitable two week diet plan.

Then the 14-days diet plan is issued so that you can use it as a reference for preparing your meals. The admittedly relieving aspect of this diet plan is that for 11 days you’re required to eat the prescribed foods at the prescribed hours of the day. However for days 12 to 14, one can freely choose the food combinations they like. The circle resumes on the 15th day. A new 2-week plan can be generated.

One of the rules governing the program and ensuring its effectiveness is that meals should be eaten every 3 hours and no less than 2 hours before the last meal took place. This works in keeping your metabolism alert and not allowing it to slow down its fat burning processes.

Overeating is also strongly discouraged, once owes to eat until they feel full. No more than that.

As with almost any other diet loss program, it is largely based on the person’s willingness and determination to actually apply the rules and tactics delineated by the program. Failure to do so, means the diet won’t be as effective as it could potentially be.

fat loss 4 idiots

Fat Loss 4 Idiots.

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