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Fat Loss Factor
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Fat Loss Factor by Dr Charles Livingston

The Last book you’ll need to read on Weight Loss (Ever)

Fat Loss Factor


Fat Loss Factor is the latest weight loss program promising to show you how you can attain your dreams’ body. Shows to much potential right? Let’s see what’s it all about.


Created by Dr Charles Livingston, Fat Loss Factor is a well-prepared, easy to understand, and all inclusive diet program that gives only three things: truths, facts, proof. Unlike other diet formulas promising the world to you, Fat Loss Factor is modest in its claims, all based in research and science.

While this state-of-the-art weight loss program addresses both women and men, it focuses particularly on women and how they seem to be unable to shed pounds as easily as men. It gives you an interesting insight as to the story (and history) of why women are genetically designed to not lose body fat. It shows his readers how the road to successful weight loss is exclusively through persistent trying to overcome your gene’s mission.

What’s in the Fat Loss Factor:

Fat loss Factor is an across-the-board formula for weight loss, catering to all your needs, from psychology, exercising and nutrition, to those occasional treats you want to reward yourself with!

This ebook is available for download on Livingston’s official website for just $47 (limited time only!). This well-organized ebook, includes videos, insightful but easy to understand relevant content, as well as clear, step by step instructions in how to apply what you learn in your actual daily life.

Points dealt with in the Fat Loss Factor

In the book Fat Loss Factor, Dr Charles delves into the dark alleys of weight loss, enlightening you along the way. He provides information as to why crash diets give only temporary results and why killing yourself at the gym 5 hours per week doesn’t seem to do you any good.

Livingston also touches upon the issue of genetics and how you can effectively trick your genes into allowing you to shed those last 5 pounds of fat that’ve been troubling you since New Year’s.

He even picks on the issue of bad food and how he can teach you to integrate it into your diet and still be able to lose weight!

What to expect after reading the book

The book promises to reveal a truth about how to effectively and permanently lose weight. The book provides you with:

• Ways to detox your body and balance your diet for astounding weight loss results
• Which exercising routines work and which are a waste of time and (gym memberships)
• Explains why it’s not what you eat but how you eat food that makes you fat, and last but not least, he reveal his secret regarding your liver’s role in weight loss:

How the liver can be trained into self-cleansing in order to optimize its functions and particularly how it handles fat release, fat absorption and fat expenditure. For Livingston, liver detoxification is the key to successful weight loss and management.

Your Liver and Weight Loss a newly-found association

Dr Charles explains clearly and with facts how an overloaded, exhausted liver is the main reason why diet programs fail and you get further and further disappointed with your inability to lose weight.

Livingston provides the ways and strategies for how to make your liver fully functional again and allow yourself to finally lose weight. Liver cleansing constitutes a prerequisite for any potentially successful diet program. That’s why the main and initial phase of this program comprises of a two-week detoxification diet, consisting of natural, organic foods and juices coming from fruit, seeds, nuts and vegetables.

For information regarding the program watch Livingston’s enlightening video, or go straight to the official page to purchase it now!


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